Getting myself refreshed

wizard of oz dorothy and toto alice in wonderland painting we're late alice drink me 003I have had a real problem this year getting my creative  juices flowing…

so I’ve taken some time away from art to spend just doing ‘whatever’….

hopefully that will give me some time to create something I’m happy with…

I painted over the last piece I tried to do…it was just horrible!!

These are a few of the paintings I struggled to do during this time….all of them on 6″ x 6″ canvas…

we’ll just have to see how they do in my Etsy shop.


First creation of 2014

january small I have listed my first creation of 2014 simply titled….’January‘…

It is one of my Steampunk ‘Goth Girls’ out in the snow during the month of January.

I added a red bird for a little color variance…unlike most of my digital paintings…

I have done this piece in landscape format…as I plan to do with each Month in this series…

then they will become the art for a 2015 calendar…as I opted not to do a 2014 calendar.

Rustic Goth

rustic goth definedI’m trying to define my brand and here’s what I get from the online dictionary…

“rustic – a : characteristic of or resembling country people
b : lacking in social graces or polish (this pretty much describes my ‘Creepers’)

“goth” – a person who wears mostly black clothing, uses dark dramatic makeup, and often has dyed black hair” (my melancholy and steampunk girls)

So where do my Fairytale, Wonderland, Oz and Tree Art creations fit in??

Just because I like doing those pieces….

but…I’m trying to decide ‘where to take my art’ in 2014…so you might just see some very different pieces in the coming year….I hope so anyway!

Shop Etsy

The Holidays are quickly approaching. Before you spend precious time and gas running from store to store and fighting the crowds only to find the same selection of gift ideas everywhere you go why not spend at least a few moments visiting

Etsy is an online marketplace made up of over 850,000 independently owned and operated shops that create and sell their own handmade jewelry, clothing, housewares and personal care items as well as unusual Vintage and Antique items.

By shopping with one of these independently owned artist shops from the comfort of your home you will not only find unique gift ideas but you will be helping a small business person this season.

What could be easier. Unless you take a few moments to look you will never know if the perfect gifts for the special people in your life could be found without ever leaving the house.

Trying to stay Focused

alice in winter wonderland christmas ornament

Etsy recently announced upcoming changes to their site….mainly that they are going to allow mass produced

‘warehouse’ items to sell on their site.

It has everyone in a ‘tizzy’….and I’ll admit, I’m not too crazy about it either…but…what can one do???

I’m not planning on leaving Etsy anytime soon, but….I plan on changing things up a bit in my Zibbet Shops.

And…I’m adding more items to my Zazzle Shops and to Fine Art America.

Rustic Goth isn’t exclusive to Etsy…so I have to stay focused on the business ‘as a whole’ and not just one or two aspects of the business like…Etsy or Zibbet.

But…I did recently close my ArtFire Shop.   It just wasn’t paying for itself and for now, Zibbet doesn’t cost me anything, so it seemed smarter to go that route.

We’ll see what happens with the different sites…as for me…I’m trying to stay focused on Rustic Goth….and I’ll do what I need to do to keep it ‘alive and well’!!

Painting Sale

We Could Have Danced .. A Whimsical Creeper Art Painting

I am having a Painting Sale in my Etsy Shop.

it runs Wednesday through Friday.

I will be doing some new dark abstract landscape paintings that will

go in after the Sale ends…but in the meantime…all of my character pieces

will be on Sale.

Note…I won’t be doing any new character pieces until next year.

Needing a new laptop…

dell inspironMy poor Dell laptop is needing ‘laid to rest’….

it has done a good job for me over the years…but it’s seen better days

and just doesn’t want to work anymore.

So…I’m saving up for a new laptop…so that I can do more digital paintings, clean sold painting pictures and turn

them into prints…write more blog posts….and so much, much more.

I just don’t get done what I need to at my desktop…for one thing…it kills me to sit at my computer desk

for long periods of time.

So…I’m planning on getting a new laptop ASAP….

I really…really need one.

I’m considering having a SALE….though I’m not quite sure yet…in my ArtFire Shop

‘just’ for that reason.

We’ll see….I don’t want to have too many sales…folks get bored with them.

I’m not Closing my Shop…at this point.

CMZ art ArtFire avatar…in ArtFire!

I have decided to close my CMZart  ArtFire Shop…on September 10th!


After trying a couple different eCommerce builders….I have decided that I
neither have the time…or the patience…to try to find one that does what I want and need it to.
This close to what I hope is my ‘busy’ time of year…I have opted to leave ArtFire open, at least through the rest of this year.
Then I will re-evaluate how well (or not) ArtFire is doing and I’ll make a decision
when I have more time to experiment….
…so for now…No New Web Store
and ArtFire will remain open through the end of the year!

It puts me about a month shy of one year…and I was originally going to give it one year … but…

the site just is not paying for itself…so it’s time to go ahead and close the doors.

My Rustic Goth Etsy Shop will remain open

(until and unless they make changes to the site that ends up being more than I can bear)…

and for the time being…

my Fairytalez N Fantasiez Etsy Shop will also remain open.

I combined the two Etsy Shop to create the CMZart ArtFire Shop…

offering a ‘one stop Shop’…

but most everything that I did sell through ArtFire was a Rustic Goth item…

so I will give Fairytalez N Fantasiez

until next Spring

before I make any final decisions on that Shop.

There were a lot of ‘bugs’ during checkout in our ArtFire Shop as well as

too much ‘downtime’

 (which also influenced my decision to close this shop)


I’ve decided to open my Own Rustic Goth online Shop ..

on my website…


I plan to have that shop up…and fully operational

 by the first week of September!

EBSQ Featured Artist

recent feature artists screen print

I was recently the Featured Artist on the EBSQ website.

It is a site that some of the top name artists of the day belong to….so I was very proud that me

and my art…made the grade and got that bit of ‘recognition’.

Here is a screen print of  my ‘honor’.

Inspired by my Daughter

by Jaime Zatloukal Best

by Jaime Zatloukal Best


The picture here is one of my daughter, Jaime’s, paintings.

I LOVE her art and I’m going to use some of it as inspiration for some new pieces I

want to try.

I am feeling a bit ‘stale’ lately…even with all of the pieces I’ve been doing for eBay…

I tend to run out of ideas…so, after talking with her, I’ve decided to

try some different pieces and see what happens….

stay tuned to see how it works out:)